About Mayah

19-year-old up and coming Sunshine Coast music performer Mayah, plays a contemporary blend of music genres. Since graduating high school in 2019 she has released three singles, ‘Endless Mistakes’, ‘Butterflies (The Rush Inside)’ and ‘Making Space and to date has a combined total of over half a million streams on Spotify.

There is a bright career for this young talent who showed a keen interest in music from a young age. Mayah could sing before she could talk, took up dancing at age 3, and began composing songs in primary school. A consummate performer and prolific songwriter, music is truly in her blood.

Mayah wrote her first song aged 8 and composed and recorded her first demo ‘Bye Bye Bully’, aged 12, at a time when she was experiencing bullying at school. She has continued to write, develop and perform her songs ever since. Many of Mayah’s songs speak of overcoming challenges, self-empowerment and healing. She tells stories of broken hearts, betrayal, challenge, triumph, love, and optimism with a depth and poignancy that belies her young years.

Mayah’s second release, ‘Butterflies’ (The Rush Inside), is a celebration of love and new life. This mix of indie rock, pop and hip-hop is blended into a ‘soulful rock’ sound, at once refreshingly new and yet distinctively old-school. Released in March 2020, ‘Butterflies’ has over 40,000 Spotify streams. Her third song ‘Making Space’, a beautiful ballad about peace, love and non-violence, was released in early 2021. You can find music videos ‘Endless Mistakes’ and ‘Making Space’ on Mayah’s YouTube channel.

Mayah, with her acoustic guitar, kick and harmonies, plays her beautifully constructed melodies at gigs and events around South East Queensland. She is also available for shows and festivals as a duo and with her band.