About Mayah

21-year-old Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter Mayah
has rapidly evolved beyond her initial ‘emerging
artist’ status and is now making her mark as a prolific
music machine, given she has written over 70 songs
and is showing no signs of slowing down. Since
launching her first single in 2019 Mayah has formed
a vibrant, dynamic rock band with some fabulous
local talent and hit close to 600,000 collective
streams on Spotify. A strong advocate for mental,
emotional and social well-being, Mayah has a
particular interest in youth mental health and is an
ambassador for the Sunshine Coast Nurture Festival.
A natural-born songwriter, Mayah is an intuitive,
free-spirited talent with new sounds and songs constantly echoing in her head.

For her upcoming release ‘Traffic Light’ which will be launched on 21st September, Mayah shifted
gears and added a little spice to the mix, blending her signature rock/pop/folk sound with a more
upbeat, contemporary, pop groove. This song is a feelgood, captivating mix of electric guitar,
rhythmic beats and piano, overlaid with Mayah’s unique and unmistakable vocals. Quintessentially
catchy, the song sticks with you long after the last note has faded.

“Mayah’s new single Traffic Light with its surging groove is sure to be a radio
Sam Coward – 91.1 Hot FM

Mayah wrote the song in 2021 and explains; “Traffic Light reflects the ease with which many of us
misinterpret each other, misrepresent ourselves, and misread situations. It was written for those of us
who find it difficult to correctly interpret signals both romantically and otherwise. If only life were

Recorded, mixed and mastered with Bob Brierty at Bobos Productions ‘Traffic Light’ is a crowd
favourite at Mayah’s live shows on the Sunshine Coast and she is delighted to be able to share it
through Gyrostream via all major online streaming platforms. The official lyric video clip will also be
released in September.

“Traffic Light is Mayah coming into her mature pop era. I love the change in
pace and vibe to previous tracks. It’s an awesome song.”
Alex Wilson
Director/Distribution Manager – Gyrostream

Mayah regularly performs her acoustic guitar three-hour solo show around Southeast Queensland.
She performed with her band at the ‘Nurture Festival’ in May 2023, at the Caloundra Music Festival
in 2021 & 2022, and as the opening act for the ‘Fabulous Caprettos’ featuring Daryl Braithwaite,
Russell Morris, Jack Jones, and Rai Thistlethwayte at Nightquarter in, 2022. Mayah’s band will also be
onstage at the Yandina Street Fair on 20th August 2023 and have plenty more gigs on the horizon.