A Closer Look

My career plan includes securing a publishing contract for my music development. I intend to reach out to as many national and international agencies as possible such as UK agent CODA, now merged with Paradigm in USA, and other great companies including Mushroom music publishing and Sony music Australia.

I have always been drawn to performing. I started singing and dancing at a very early age, apparently, according to my mum, I could sing before I could talk and wrote my first song ‘Little Black Bird’ when I was eight years old. I sang lead vocals in my primary school rock band and studied music and drama throughout high-school. I learned guitar and piano, performed my original songs regularly and in appeared in plays and musicals. I was a competitive hip-hop dancer through primary and high school, placing third at nationals, was also captain of my basketball team, and house captain in Year 12.

Music is my life blood; I have never considered any other path. I write songs when I feel deep emotions, both good and bad. Music is my way of healing and expressing how I feel. When I perform on stage I love connecting with the audience and sharing my stories through song. I am extremely comfortable on the stage, it’s my happy place. I am thankful for all the opportunities that have presented themselves so far, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Since graduating in 2019, I have achieved over half a million streams on Spotify; received a commendation from the Carol Lloyd grant panel; featured on the front page of several local newspapers; appeared several times on local radio, chosen as a finalist to perform at the ‘Big Break Event’ hosted by 91.9SEAFM and the prestigious Caloundra Events Centre, and chosen, with my new band, to play as an opening act for Darryl Braithwaite’s show on the Sunshine Coast.

Mayah has done supremely well as a young artist and risen above the noise. 40,000 releases (up 10,000 from this same time last year) go live on the streaming services every day and to be recognized by the editorial curators of these services on her first few releases shows true potential. We have seen Mayah grow from her first release and she has constantly defied our expectations. At the inception of any artist, we set the bar at a reasonable level and aim for local playlists, yet Mayah has risen above and her music has gone beyond finding its way onto European Spotify curated playlists as well as many others. In all honesty, the numbers speak for themselves.

Only a small percentage of artists make it over 1k streams on a track and an even tinier percentage take it beyond 100k. To garner nearly 500k streams on a first track is no small feat. Mayah has a great team surrounding her and a solid team is required to grow. Mayah has a strong marketability and we certainly have high hopes for her success in the future.

Alex Wilson

GYROstream Distribution Manager